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Fear Corporation - This is a game about the hero's fear of his phobias, the hero is terribly afraid of clowns, statues and dolls.

Waking up from a nightmare at night, the hero begins to realize that he is still in a dream, because he observes all his most terrible nightmares.

Our hero pulls himself together, and boldly decides to overcome all his fears.

Fear # 1 Clowns

The first fear of our hero, the clown PIPU. A terrible creature that will not let you hide, he will haunt you until you destroy his heart.

Fear # 2 Statues

Statue of Emilia - looking at Emilia you are touched by her beauty, but you just have to turn your back to her, and there is a feeling of anxiety and presence.

It is slow and without noisy, insidious and invisible. To destroy the statue, you have to find its reduced copy and burn it in the cauldron.

Fear # 3 Dolls

For our hero, the doll is a fiend of hell, a vile little, humanoid creature, without emotions and soul, the only protection from her is the cross, but she is very insidious.

He loves to sneak up behind his back and pounce to capture the soul of our hero. To destroy the doll and overcome all your fears, you will need to find all the toys you need, light candles and carry out the rite of exorcism from the doll.

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